Eliixir Jarrah Honey

Elixir – Jarrah Honey TA 36+


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Product Description

This highly sought after Jarrah honey is sourced from the southwestern region in Western Australia where the Jarrah trees flower biennially in our state Jarrah forrest. Conclusive research by Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia has determined the special antimicrobial properties of Jarrah Honey.

– It has a Total Activity (TA) rating of over 36! Past Jarrah Honey has had TA of only 11-15.

– Total Activity is the rating the WA Honey Industry has chosen to measure Jarrah Honey’s very special healing properties. Specifically the antimicrobial strength of the honey. Anything over 10 is extra healing – so you can imagine the healing properties of 30+ honey.

– Jarrah honey has been recognized as having higher TA than Manuka honey and is very high in the list of foods containing antioxidants.

– Jarrah honey has become popular for its medicinal properties, low glucose levels and because it is highly antimicrobial, in other words, a ‘healing honey’.