Elixir Raw Honey

Glenn Pattison and Romy Surtees are the couple behind the brand Elixir. Glen, a hairdresser in a previous life, started his sweet adventure as a hobby with just two hives, he had ten by the end of the first season and now has over 200 hives. Romy has used her background in product marketing to do the back-of-house work and is well able to manage the marketing of Elixir.

A few years ago they decided to move out of their Hollywood (Nedlands) house, make a real tree change and move to Denmark.

Romy and Glen pay special attention to keeping their product as natural as possible. “A lot of honeys you find on supermarket shelves are blended to come up with a honey colour so it looks and tastes generic — like a Big Mac — whereas in reality, honeys go from clear to black and every colour in between’, Glenn explains. “We don’t heat the honey, we don’t strain the good bits out and we don’t use plastic, which can taint the flavour — basically we leave honey as nature intended it.”

(Interview from Spice magazine, Issue 6, writer: Sarah Green)

  • Any idea when you guys will have more of this honey back in stock? I’d really like to buy more of it! I’m pretty sure it’s responsible for me not getting a cold in a LONG time.