Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Locavore?

Locavore is a word which was coined in San Francisco in 2005 during the World Environment Conference and has since been embraced as part of a movement towards championing a focus on reducing food miles and associated emissions, embracing seasonality and local produce and supporting smaller growers and producers who use organic or biodynamic methods in their production.

In 2007, the New Oxford American Dictionary chose Lovacore as it’s Word of the Year.

What counts as “Perth Metropolitan Area”?

We will deliver as far south as Rockingham, as far north as Joondalup and as far east as Greenmount. If you live on the edges or outside this area please email us before ordering to see if delivery is possible.

As a rough guide, if you live in the area below you will be fine.

Perth is hot! How will you keep my food fresh?

We have a refrigerator in the delivery van, items that need to be chilled will be placed in the refrigerator and added to the box moments before we reach your door.

What happens if I don’t like a product?

For each monthly Tasting Box we try to select a wide range of products to appeal to every taste – something sweet, something savoury, something spicy etcetera. We encourage all our customers to be open minded and adventurous when receiving their monthly tasting box, we stand behind each and every product and believe they are worth trying – even if it is only once. You may surprise yourself and actually enjoy a product you previously have disliked, in the February Tasting Box we featured Goat’s Fetta which ended up being a favourite even among people that dislike Goat’s cheese.

If you try a product and don’t like it, or if you can’t eat a product for health reasons, consider passing the item onto a friend or family member who may enjoy trying something new. If you are quite sure that none of your friends or family would like the product then you are welcome to exchange the product for another in our online store of equal or lesser value. Product exchanges can be requested in the “special instructions” section during checkout. Please check the item is in stock before you request an exchange and if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us via

What is your refund policy?

We want you to have the best experience possible with Urban Locavore, if you are unsatisfied with your order please call or email us within 7 days.

When will my box be delivered?

We deliver to different areas of Perth on different days of the week. We try to deliver the majority of boxes between 5pm and 8pm so we can catch you at home. Please visit our Delivery Times page and enter your address to check your delivery window. If you require a delivery time that falls outside these times please leave a note in the ‘special instructions’ section and we will contact you to confirm the delivery time.

If you need to contact us regarding your delivery please call 0459 500 287.