Change to the delivery fee

Urban Locavore celebrates it’s 1st birthday in December and each month we try and strike a balance of 8 great products for under $50. So far I think we’ve done a pretty good job 🙂

When we started a year ago we had about 50 deliveries per month and Paul could do them all by himself in his trusty green hatch back. $5 per delivery covered the cost of petrol and everything was fine. But as the number of deliveries per month as grown – now heading over 200 – Paul needs to spend more time in the office and we need to hire drivers … and this means we have to pay the drivers 🙁

Starting with the December 2012 Tasting Box (the Christmas Box) the delivery fee has been increased to $10 which is the true cost of petrol + car maintenance + hourly wages. This delivery fee increase is necessary to make sure Urban Locavore is a viable business and so we can keep making great tasting boxes for another 12 months.

The price of the monthly tasting box remains great value $49.95. If you are uncomfortable with the increase in delivery fee we encourage you to pick up from our Osborne Park store. Here’s five great reasons to pick up:

  1. You don’t have to wait for us to deliver, you can pick up your box as soon as it is released.
  2. We usually have tastings for you to try (and wine on Saturdays!).
  3. You can peruse our cookbook library and get some great ideas for Christmas lunch.
  4. You can ask Paul about the products or the producers (he’ll also take questions on physics).
  5. You save $10! (that’s a jar of your favourite jam in the store).

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  • Jenny Lee

    I always look forward to picking up my box every month. Paul is also happy to have a chat and talk about the products. Me, I just like food and the excitement of what will be in each month’s box! I can’t wait for Jan 13 box 🙂