To my mum, Maree Kilmurray

On the 25th of November Urban Locavore lost it’s biggest supporter and I lost my wonderful mum. She had just turned 59.

My mum loved farmers markets, street festivals, country fairs and all things craft. She grew up in Katanning and told me her happiest memories were playing in her grandmother’s fruit trees, hiding in the mulberry bush and watching her grandmother churn butter from the cow they kept. When she was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago she returned to these childhood desires – fresh food from garden to plate, handmade food without the chemicals.

My mother was my motivation for starting Urban Locavore one year ago.

On the 23rd of November, 2011, I launched the very first website for Urban Locavore, I had only just arrived home penniless from travelling in South America. My mum loaned the money for most of the December 2011 products – unwittingly becoming the first investor in Urban Locavore. “If it failed”, she said, “at least we would have a cupboard full of great food”.

While she was still healthy, mum helped packed most of the boxes and swept most of the straw as I ran out the door to do deliveries. If you got a Mother’s Day seedling this year it was my mum that tied each one with a red ribbon.

Mum said she had “a good feeling” about Urban Locavore. She took a lot of joy from our successes and helped talk me through the many tough times starting a new business. I can say – without qualification – that Urban Locavore would not be here without her time, her support and her love. Thank you mum. xx.

Thank you all for your kind words and best wishes. Thanks also for your patience over the last few weeks while I have spent time with my mum. I look forward to getting back to work as soon as possible to complete our vision.

Paul Kilmurray

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  • Darren

    I’m sorry to hear of your sad loss Paul. I’m sure your mum would be proud of what you have achieved in such a small time with Urban Locavore and the passion and dedication for it that you so obviously have. RIP Maree Kilmurray.


    Oh Paul, I’m so sorry to hear your news. Mothers are all so precious and at least she got to see that Urban Locavore was more than cupboard full of great food and to see the business start to flourish. My heart goes out to you especially over the Xmas period.

    Oceans of hugs VJxoxoxo

  • chris saunders

    so sorry for your loss Paul, losing your mum must be one of the hardest things to deal with. I dread the day I have to face that. Her memory will now live on with those that know her input into Urban Locavor. I hope you Christmas isn’t too hard and you are surrounded by much love and family.