Show us yer Mushroom Kit!

Watching these mushrooms grow is amazing! It’s starts off about the size of a pencil eraser poking it’s way through the lid … then within a couple of days there’s a fountain of mushrooms exploding from the cup, it’s crazy!

We want to see how your Mushroom Kits are growing. Take daily snaps and post them to the comments section below, or share them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram etc – just remember to tag us so we can see! Even better, set up a camera with timelapse – that would be awesome! (and surely worthy of a little prize from us).

Here’s my little kit below. I’ve just got it on a small plate of water, I don’t spray it with water because I’m rarely home – yep, latchkey fungi :/

Stay tuned for more updates!

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  • jacey

    Just wondering whether you keep the growing mushrooms in the dark? In the fridge? On the kitchen bench?

    • Hi Jacey! We just leave ours on the kitchen bench and it seems to be doing fine. David from Swan Valley Gourmet Fungi recommends somewhere with just enough light to read a book.

      The mushrooms will go dormant if you put the in the fridge so you want somewhere relatively warm and use the bag to create a humid environment.

      Good Luck!! and remember to share pics of your mushrooms 🙂