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Marvick Raisin Relish

Marvick Native Farms – Desert Raisin Relish 200g


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Product Description

A uniquely flavoured relish with a hint of spice that utilises Kutjera, an Australian native bush tomato. The small fruit, also known as desert raisins, have a strong flavour, similar to caramelised sun dried tomatoes.

Recipe Idea: Kangaroo Kebabs with Desert Raisin Relish

What could be more Australian than BBQ Kangaroo Kebabs with Desert Raisin Relish. Pick up some kangaroo fillet from Mondo Butchers or another speciality butcher, cut into large cubes and put on wooden skewers with capsicum or onion. (If you soak the skewers first they won’t catch fire on the BBQ!) Kangaroo meat will dry out if overcooked so the kebabs only need 2-3 minutes each side. Serve with Desert Raisin Relish and salad for the perfect Australia Day BBQ.