Margaret River Tempeh

Margaret River Tempeh – Tempeh 250g



Product Description

Tempeh is a soy product, less processed than tofu and contains more protein and fiber than tofu. Also, Because tempeh is a fermented soy product, its enzymes are partially broken down, making it easier to metabolise. Margaret River Tempeh creates a range of unpasteurised tempeh products.

  • Classic Organic Soy Tempeh
  • West Australian Lupin Tempeh
  • Indo Mix Tempeh: 70% Soy and 30% Lupin
  • Chickpea Tempeh: Chickpea tempeh has a fluffy texture and taste of roasted chestnuts – a hit with people who don’t like the taste of soy
  • Chickpea and Sunflower Seed Tempeh: A surprising combo, great taste, texture and some crunchiness in there, why would you season it?

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Classic Organic Soy, West Australian Lupin, Indo Mix 70% Soy and 30% Lupin, Chickpea, Chickpea and Sunflower Seed