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Gabriel Chocolate

Gabriel Chocolate – Chocolate 85g



Product Description

WA’s first bean to bar chocolate makers; Gabriel hand-sorts, roasts, winnows, refines and conches cacao beans in his custom-built chocolate gallery at Yallingup.

The Varieties:

  • The single-origin Ecuador Origin 58% Dark Chocolate has a light floral and fruity flavour with natural notes of coffee, nuts, vanilla and spice.
  • The Chuao Venezuela 80% Dark Chocolate is made from the rarest and most complex of cocaos, with intense flavours of blueberries, plums, molasses and vanilla.
  • The  Forestero Ghana Sweet Milk Chocolate is bold, assertive and full-bodied, yet soothing on the palate, with hints of coffee and rich tobacco leaf.
  • The Rio Caribe Venezuela 72% Dark Chocolate is  rich with natural flavours of coffee, almonds, red fruits and pure cocoa.
  • The Sambirano Madagascar Milk Chocolate from the Sambirano Valley is vibrant with natural notes of citrus, pineapple, cranberries and liquorice.


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Ecuador Origin 58% Dark Chocolate, Chuao Venezuela 80% Dark Chocolate, Forestero Ghana Sweet Milk Chocolate, Rio Caribe Venezuela 72% Dark Chocolate, Sambirano Madagascar Milk Chocolate