Whistler's Chocolate Co

West Australia’s oldest confectionery company has a proud history when it comes to manufacturing quality chocolate products. Originating from a long line of English Confectioners and Bakers, it was not until 1968 that the family moved to Western Australia and started one of Perths first confectionery companies.

A stong American influence led to the original unique branding, having derived  from the famous Impressionist painting, Mother Whistler. Representing the old fashioned quality, style and tastes of years gone by.

Continuing the family tradition and craft of producing quality hand made confectionery has once again passed to the next generation. The next generation has been quick to identify Whistler’s uniquely Western Australian tradition. Taking inspiration from wooden packing crates used in the late 60’s the new identy is truly Western Australian and revives an old traditional theme.

[from whistlers.com.au]