Voyager Estate

Voyager Estate is located in the premium wine producing region of Margaret River, Western Australia. Latest statistics show that, although only producing 4% of Australia’s wine by volume, Margaret River wines account for 23% of the country’s premium wine production.

Voyager’s oldest vines date back to 1978, just over 10 years after vines were first planted in the area. When current owner, Michael Wright, took over the property in 1991, he set out to expand it and develop a visitor destination that would be a showcase for the region. He also set out to ensure that, above all else, the quality of wine being made at Voyager Estate would always be the best that nature, expertise and pure hard work could provide. We leave it for wine lovers and our visitors to judge for themselves.

“In the opinion of Voyager Estate Viticulturist, Steve James, the application of simple vineyard philosophies is more important to making great wines than the application of new technologies: “There are a number of differences in viticultural techniques around the world, but the basic vineyard principles common to the best producers were terroir, minimal intervention and vine management.”

At Voyager Estate we are following the same path, with a minimal or no-input policy in terms of fertilizer, water and chemicals, and we are employing more and more organic practices. We do, however, employ maximum vine management in terms of canopy maintenance, aiming for low bud numbers and small bunches per vine for premium fruit quality. Clonal selection is also an area of increased attention, trying to match the best clones for our soil.

Voyager Estate’s winemaking philosophy is simply to make the best wines we possibly can. Traditional methods are applied and the latest technology is utilised.”

Voyager Estate makes wines from the classic grape varieties that are suited to the Margaret River region, and puts as much effort into making a lighter-style wine such as Sauvignon Blanc Semillon as it does into making the Chardonnay.

Overall, Voyager Estate’s winemaking and viticultural teams work as one to create distinctive wines from each vintage that display an elegance, complexity and balance that are true to the individuality of the vineyard blocks.