Turban Chopsticks

The Turban Chopsticks range of gourmet, handmade foods have been created by two passionate foodies, Suresh Chandra and Mei-Sann Yong in the shop @ Bulwer Street, Perth, Western Australia. Their passion for good food, nutritious meals, slow cooked curry pastes are brought to life in their range. A mixture of both their cultures Suresh (Singaporean, Indian) and Mei-Sann (Malaysian, Chinese) bring an influence of CHINDIAN flavours in their food. The range includes handmade curry pastes, curry powder, rice and lentil meal packs and savoury dishes into convenient meal packs and jars. All products are used with the freshest and finest natural ingredients, for their foodie clientele to indulge and enjoy with their loved ones.
Enjoy the simple luxury of the Turban Chopsticks potted + packed goodies in moments. The range of delights are great on the BBQ, packed in a picnic basket, whipped up in the kitchen, tossed through a salad, wokked in a stir fry, poured though a pasta, dolloped on a burger, cooked timelessly in a slow cooker or just devoured as is. How delicious!

Products are:

  • All natural, handmade in Perth, Western Australia
  • No preservatives, colours or additives
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Include gluten, wheat and dairy free options
  • Jane

    I was very pleased to receive the coconut fritter and briyani packs as a gift from my sister. My husband is vegetarian and so I added mushroom,onion and aubergine to the briyani. The cooking smells were wonderful. Unfortunately both the fritters and the briyani were bland and lacking in flavour. We were very disappointed. I had bought the apple chili jam to go with the meal and that was a let down too. It was rather like apple sauce in texture and was very sweet.