Third Pillar

Why Third Pillar
Wine, grain and olive oil were the “three pillars” of the ancient Mediterranean diet.

The olives for THIRD PILLAR are grown at Mumballup, near Donnybrook in the Geographe region of the south west of WA. The grove was established in the late 1990s and the trees are now mature and produce consistent quality.

THIRD PILLAR is a blend of the classic Tuscan varieties from Italy – Frantoio, Leccino and Minerva (a Leccino variant). They produce oil with medium to robust flavours.

The oil has fresh green, grassy aromas with a fresh olive flavour of medium intensity. The natural antioxidants or polyphenols in the oil contribute a lingering peppery after taste.

The oil is extracted at modern olive oil processing facilities. No heat is applied in the extraction so the oil is effectively cold pressed.

Modern plants do not use pressing as a means of extracting oil but centrifugal separation. “Cold pressed” refers to the time when the olive paste was spread on mats and then pressed hydraulically to extract the oil. Sometimes heat was applied to increase the amount of oil extracted and this produced an inferior grade of oil. This is still the case with much imported olive oil.

THIRD PILLAR passes all the chemical and organoleptic tests to be able to be classified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

2006 Gold medal (first in class) at Perth Royal Show
2007 Silver medal (first in class) at Perth Royal Show
2008 Bronze medal at Perth Royal Show
2009 Silver medal at Perth Royal Show
2010 Silver medal at Perth Royal Show
2011 Bronze medal at Perth Royal Show
2012 Bronze medals at Perth Royal Show
2012 Silver and Bronze medals in South West Olive Association competition

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