The Organic Fine Food Company

Drover’s Rest Enterprises, the home of The Organic Fine Food Company, is a certified organic farm located among the jarrah forest, near the beautiful tourist town of Bridgetown in the South West of Western Australia. We grow berries, primarily strawberries, and sell fruit Australia wide in organic shops, health food stores and supermarkets.

We have an on-farm new state-of-the-art food processing factory in which we process our own fruit and vegetables plus produce from other farms. We are equipped to make a range of processed goods, including fruit and vegetable purees, jams and preserves.

We strive to produce nutritious and tasty organic produce, with a strong emphasis on healthy food for children, with our new “KidSnaK” line of certified organic fruit snacks. We farm in a sustainable manner, sincerely caring for our environment.

When in season, our fresh produce is available through selected wholesalers in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Our frozen produce can be ordered from the farm provided freezer transport arrangements can be made. Frozen retail packs are available from our Perth wholesaler. Processed products are available from the farm or our wholesalers.

Drover’s Rest Enterprises established in 1997 is the trading name for our fresh produce business and farming activities. This name is derived from the property name “Drover’s Rest”, an 86 Ha property, purchased by us in 1995. In turn, the property takes its name from droving activities early in the area’s history.

We established organic certification soon after purchasing the property, and commenced growing organic strawberries in 2000. Commencing with a small planting of 6,000 runners, we now plant up to 30,000 to 40,000 runners in a year to supply the local and interstate fresh strawberry markets.

In addition to strawberries we grow rubus berries (boysenberries, silvan berries, young berries and loganberries), currants, gooseberries and vegetables depending on the season and land use at the time.

With an excellent fresh water supply and extensive surrounding forrest conservation areas, it is an ideal farm for organic production. As an organic farm we follow the principles of sustainable farming, i.e. enhancing, rather than depleting the soil health and productivity, along with working with natural systems, thereby enhancing the biodiversity of the local environment.

All our produce is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals or genetically engineered organisms. We believe our food is nutritious and is produced in a manner which is kind to our environment.