Rubra Coffee

Rubra uses one of the world’s largest green bean brokers to source quality coffee beans from around the globe. And every batch of green beans that arrives in Rubra’s roasting facility, near Perth, Western Australia, is scrutinised to make sure its cupping profile meets the company’s high standards.
The green beans are roasted in Rubra’s onsite coffee roaster. It’s a drum model made in Germany by 150-year old company Probat. “It’s a great roaster,” says Al. “It lets us create an evenness and depth to the coffee – and gives me the flexibility to be creative.”

Rubra’s exquisitely-packaged range of coffees has won 16 medals at the Sydney Royal Show.
Rubra also recognises its responsibilities to those people and plantations where the coffee is grown. “We make sure all our growers receive a fair price for their product – and we’re big on promoting sustainable practice at every stage of the process; from the plantation to the cup”, says Al.