Ringwould is a family business run by the four members of the Saunders family, Jim & Augusta, their son John, & his wife Toni-Louise. John & Toni have two daughters, Maria-Louise (7) & Rosie (2), who are of course also involved in the business. Peter, on the right in this picture, is a pilot in the Northern Territory, in his place we have Peter Johanes, who is very capable in the dairy and cheeseroom.

Jim & Augusta developed a new land farm at Fitzgerald, north-east of Jerramungup, & when they wanted to move closer to town, bought a beautiful, but run-down, farm at Redmond. The family moved from being centrally placed between Jerramungup, Ravensthorpe and Newdegate, to being centrally placed between Albany, Mt Barker and Denmark. They are still off the beaten track, but in a valley with a permanent creek, big trees and higher rainfall.

The farm has been rebuilt using natural fertilizers, minerals and bio-dynamics so that now we can grow healthy pasture and therefore healthy animals. Everything comes from the soil, & it is to our benefit to nurture it. Augusta’s uncle is a pioneer of the organic movement in the UK, so it was only natural that they should want to farm organically. The name Ringwould comes from Augusta’s grandmother’s home in Kent, where the Monins family lived for generations, and was used for the Fitzgerald farm as well, so moved with us as a sign of continuity and stability.

The logo of the old Georgian house shows the symmetry and balance that can be achieved with team work and the importance of community in our lives.

Two and a half years on, we have adjusted to our roles in the business, but sadly Jim is battling with cancer, so has been unable to take his accustomed place at the Albany markets. This has increased the workload for everyone else, but we hope Jim will recover in the spring and be out & about again.

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