Riki Kaspi Moroccan Spice Journey

Riki Kaspi, co-owner of The Cooking professor cooking school, former Chef and owner of Riki Blakes Cafe introducing her new exciting spices products, the ‘Moroccan Chermoula Marinades’.

Remember the days of Dinner at Riki Blakes Café in North Perth, the sounds of smooth live jazz of saxophone playing, while diners, seating around small round Parisian bistro stile tables, waiting impatiently for the arrival of Riki’s wonderful Moroccan Chicken. Placed next to a little sparky golden mound of seasoned Couscous, covered with a smooth warm coat of aromatic sauce, spices, dry fruits and olives…

This wonderful poetry of flavours can now be cooked by you, in your own kitchen!

Fish, Lamb or Chicken Tajin. All you have to do is marinade your meat in Riki’s Moroccan Chermoula, a blend of freshly toasted, hand ground, spices, combined with fresh herbs. Then just follow Riki’s most simple instructions to slowly cook your own homemade delicious Moroccan meal!

“There is nothing complicated about preparing Moroccan food,” says Riki. “All you need is the right mix of spices, the secret of all secrets in traditional Moroccan cooking. ‘Ras el hanout’ is the best your personal spice merchant has to offer, the magical alchemy of cooking…”

Come down on Saturday morning to the charming little Subi Farmers Market, Manning farmers market or Mt, Claremont farmers markets, and pick up one of Riki’s Moroccan Chermoula Marinades, Fresh Spicy Harissa, Dukkah or preserved lemon…see you then!