Purely Mexican

Purely Mexican specialises in fresh, healthy and full of flavour authentic Mexican Salsas, Marinades, Chilli Pastes and ready to cool Meal packs. Known for intense flavours, colourful presentation, unique spicing and seasoning, all our products are locally made from fresh regional and seasonal ingredients. All our products offer something for every palate whether is the hard-core chilli lovers or those that like just a little spice. Purely Mexican products are perfect when you are looking for a marinade or sauce for meat, poultry, a rice accompaniment or even something different for your cheese and dip platter. Purely Mexican makes authentic cuisine so you can experience the real flavour of Mexican right here in Australia.

Purely Mexican was established in 2009 by Gabriela Wheildon. An enthusiast of food and flavour, and unable to get products with the original unchanged Mexican essence in Western Australia, I set myself to create a brand with traditional Mexican flavours that anyone can enjoy and prepare. Purely Mexican is a brand of 100% homemade Mexican salsas, marinades, chilli pastes and ready to cook meals. All Purely Mexican poducts are made with original family recipes and elaborated with the highest quality ingredients. We hope our products create a tantalizing exotic experience…each bite bursting with unique Mexican flavour!