Pretsel Vineyard

The red tree that appears on the Pickled Walnuts label represents a 100 year old walnut tree located in the homestead area of Pretsel Vineyard, Manjimup. Walnuts were first brought to the south-west of Western Australia by early settlers in the 1800’s who planted them wherever they lived. After enjoying the nuts from this massive old tree for many years, sharing with family, friends and visitors, it was appreciated that access to locally grown nuts was limited. Thus began the sale of fresh walnuts and the planting of more trees grown from nuts off the original tree. Aftter several enquiries from walnut lovers who were also frustrated pickled walnut lovers, production of Pretsel Vineyard Pickled Walnuts commenced.

About Andrew and Bettina Pretsel

Pretsel Vineyard was established in 1997 by Andrew and Bettina Pretsel. Particularly interested in the influence of terroir on the quality of wine, great effort was taken to find the perfect place to gow perfect winegrapes. Their search led them to a beautiful property north-west of Manjimup, opposite the Yanmah State Forest and surrounded on all other sides by picturesque farms. In a unique micro-climate created by the forest and gently undulating north-facing slopes with a generous supply of pristine water from the Ephraim Brook, the site was a text-book perfect discovery for growing winegrapes and many other gourmet products. Pretsel Vineyard has produced pleasing results for the last decade with all the winegrapes being bought by an iconic Margaret River Winery.