Eden Gate

The farm is owned and operated by Andre and Amanda who purchased the property in November 2004.

Business Philosophy

We are in the business of producing top quality blueberries with a range of value added products for different markets, and providing a comprehensive farm tourism experience for visitors.

In our business we value:

  • the complete satisfaction of our customers
  • the provision of top quality products
  • ethical behavior in all our dealings
  • the importance and welfare of our employees
  • the importance of our environment
  • the need to farm sustainability.

We strive to remain up to date in our knowledge of the industry and are actively involved in the Australian Blueberry Growers Association and the Rainbow Coast Commercial Horticulturalists.

Eden Gate Blueberry Farm is a Gold Aussie Host business, and we are active contributors to the Albany and Denmark Tourist Bureau.

Organic Growing

Although we do not claim to be organic, we do prefer environmentally friendly solutions to problems, and do not spray any pesticides on the blueberries. This enables natural predatory insects, spiders, lizards and frogs to thrive and control unwanted insect pests.

Vertebrate interlopers are also controlled without the use of chemicals. Rather than shooting or poisoning native birds or animals we have covered the entire area of the orchard with a permanent structure covered with bird net. Similarly we have set up a low power electric fence to discourage native bandicoots from chewing their way into the enclosure, and opening holes for the birds. The fences scares the animals away from the net without harming them. Excluding the birds also results in more spiders, lizards and frogs to control unwanted insect pests.

We restrict weed growth and improve the efficiency of our water use by using large quantities of composted sawdust and cereal straw.