Dellendale Cheese

Dellendale Creamery is a young dairy factory with a long history in the dairy industry. In 1978 the Vogel family purchased the property known as ‘Helendale’ in Denmark, Western Australia, “The Grate Southern” of this State, to tackle the challenges of self employment, breading Simmental cows and milking cows seven days a week. John Vogel, a Swiss immigrant of the 60’s had achieved his dream. Denmark still had a creamery back then and farmers left cream cans by their gate for pick-up.

In 1993, Chris Vogel purchases the dairy farm and in time changed the property name to Dellendale Farm. A Dell is a small valley or dip in the land and appears also in the German language, and as a plural becomes Dellen thus describing the two dells on the farm which direct water into the Denmark river’s dale, hence Dellendale.

Cheese was often talked about and as fears of “Milk Quota” deregulation increased the concept of producing the farm milk into cheese became eminent and in 1996 an opportunity arose for Chris, myself, to work in a cheese factory in Switzerland near Zurich. The factory specialised in various semi hard, washed rind cheeses, opening the mind of an interested young farmer for an against the grain approach to the traditional Swiss cheese types.

Our cheese can be sampled at Whitfield Estate on Harwood Road, Denmark Western Australia.