Urban Locavore is a Western Australian company created to promote producers who source most or all of their their ingredients locally. We are looking for producers of all kinds to feature in our Tasting Boxes and online store.

How it works

We pay you for your products and promote you and your business to new audiences. Partnering with Urban Locavore through our Tasting Boxes introduces your product to new customers, increases your brand awareness and creates new sales opportunities for your product.

Email us at if you would like to partner with us, or if you know of a great local producer who should be in our Tasting Boxes!

Fresh Magazine are going to feature Pink Delights in the ‘we love’ section in the annual Perth’s Best mag after sampling them from one of your boxes. Thank you!
Angelina – Angelina’s BiscottiJanuary Tasting Box

How we help you

  • New Customers.
    Urban Locavore Tasting Boxes puts your product into the hands of discerning Perth foodies. Our customers are encouraged to try new food and support local businesses.
  • Promotion.
    Each product featured our Tasting Boxes is promoted through our eNewsletter, Facebook, Twitter and through our monthly podcast.
  • Media Exposure.
    Urban Locavore has quickly become the “go-to” place to find new and exciting Perth products, many producers that have been in our Tasting Boxes have drawn the attention of journalists, radio presenters and bloggers.
  • In Box Promotion.
    We are happy to include promotional flyers and order forms in our boxes give you direct access to our customer base.
  • Marketing Advice.
    In our team we have years of experience in online & print marketing. We can help with everything from getting a website, to advice on packaging, to advice on your next media campaign.

I had Deli Divine in Subiaco contact me because they saw me in Urban Locavore – thanks for that!”
Lisa – Cookie Dough BiscuitsMarch Tasting Box

How you can help us

  • Your best price.
    We understand as a small business you are running on very tight margins (we are a small business too!). We do not expect any producer to sell to us at less than cost, however, we do ask for your best price.
  • Sample products.
    We recommend that you provide us with 5-10 sample products for testing and photographs. Sample products are also used for promotional boxes for the media and giveaways.
  • Images & Text.
    Each producer has a profile page on Urban Locavore, if you have any promotional material such as a company profile and images, please email them to

Frequently Asked Questions from Producers

Do you pay me for the products I put in the Tasting Boxes? 

Absolutely. We understand what it’s like to be a small business and we pay producers at wholesale prices for all of the products in our Tasting Boxes and Online Shop.  We do recommend that you provide us with 5-10 samples so that we can promote your product to chefs, food reviewers and media.

What kind of quantities do you need?

We currently do between 200 boxes each month.

I’m not based in Perth, can I still get involved? 

Yes! We realise that WA is a big place and we try to be flexible. We’ve had producers from as North as Exmouth and as South as Denmark. We’re open to talk with any producers from within the state.

Some of my ingredients come from other places, is this ok? 

Yes, our philosophy is ‘look local first’. As long as you’re a WA business and most of your ingredients are local, we’d love for you to contact us.

How do I deliver my products to you? 

Your price should include delivery to Applecross, Perth. If you need assistance with delivery, ie: courier or pick-up, please contact us.

If you have any questions contact the team or email us at .