The Locavore Challenge

This month we are excited to feature a very new product from Noonans Bakery but we also sadly say farewell to another great Perth producer in Three Birds. It is a timely reminder that WA producers and farmers have an enormous task competing with products from overseas. Many of these imports rely on an unsustainable model of cheap fuel, cheap labour, agricultural chemicals and farming subsidies.

Our goal is to keeping the WA food industry viable and thriving into the future. To do this we all must effect change with our actions – a small change in our buying habits can make big difference.

And so now we throw the challenge out to you, the Locavores!

The Locavore Challenge:
We challenge you to make one meal per week using ingredients entirely sourced from Western Australia and post your photos of the meal below in the comments, on our Facebook Page or in our Twitter Feed. Let’s all take just one meal per week to celebrate the fantastic food in WA.

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